Saturday, June 10, 2006

What is the really important things in life ?

what is it?
is it doing good research ? is it having a satisfying job ? is it having good variety of things to do ?
is it really helping the poor and needy ? is it really or they just say so ? who are these needy ? how can i help them ? what help do they need ? how will it make a difference to them or me or to anyone in the universe ?

is it renouncing the world ?

is it living in anonymity, alone, in the crowd?

is it hanging around with people all the time, sitting around having a good time, watching movies, doing about 4-5 hours of work a day ? is it slogging for hours together in pursuit of something pure and real ? is it living like edison, testing a million combinations of metals till you find the right one to make the filament of the bulb? is it living like enstien or plato, thinking deep meaningful thoughts all the time, thoughts that are substantially different from those of people around you? is it living like ramakrishna paramahamsa with the divine, for the divine, off the divine? like swami vivekananda ? inspiring the youth of the nation and the philosophers of the world?
what is the really important one thing in my life that IS. what is that one thing if i do, i need to do no more.


Syam said...

I liked the last line " What is the one thing after which I need to do no more" Just because it gave me a point to start with.
There is NOTHING of that sort. We have got some time, Our life time. Be it given by GOD or by our parents, we have got this time, which we are not sure how long it is. Its the time you have to think, work, participate and to do all the verb forms in all languages. Just do them. Feel the pain. Enjoy the bliss. Have a nice Journey.

Would add to this after few days.By the way nice thoughts. After my exam ;) After all I spend some time to do a new thing(a residency)before I get bored of what I am doing now;)

Naren said...

you sound like a three old ocean maker.. chill out bujji boss.. dont u think u r too young for this kinda philosophy?