Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Forever ....

Forever is a lot shorter than forever ..... When someone says something is forever they probably mean, "as long as I think this way".
Especially for things like I'll be your friend forever, or I'll trust you forever.... Mostly they means something like, as long as i feel this way :)

Things that really are forever are the things that never really were, like a friend you made on a train but never kept in touch, someone that you knew for a short time but then went apart ... memory of a rainbow all the way across the sky, a walk on a cool breezy evening, across the green forever fields ... sailboats far in the ocean, peaceful, surreal, eternal.

Dreams are forever too .. for as long as you want them.

These and the divine presence are the only thing forever. Everything else get's washed away in the huge tide of Time.

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Naren said...

Forever is an abstract and relative term. A minute of wait cud be like forever. mabbe to avoid ambiguity we shud use the word "for a while" instead of "forever". I will stop being a bad philosopher;)

here is psuedocode to achieve ur concept of "forever"

//disable all interrupts
//loop forever