Saturday, June 03, 2006

Ramgopal Verma's Sarkar

I just saw Sarkar for the second time. It's a beautiful adaptation of Godfather to the Indian scenario. Each character form Godfather is perfectly Indianised. I felt no frustration for RamGopal Verma deviating from the book. And it is not an English movie re-made in hindi. I am proud of the movie and proud of Indian cinema. Generally speaking it's a pleasure to see Amitabh these days. He's finally got over the angry young man thinggy where all the director could get out of him were long shots in a low light to make up for the lack of expression on his face! And Abhishek Bachchan is a good. I especially liked the part when he is about to be killed. The fear of death on the face of a man ....

The only little quirk is, how did he put a nandi in front of a Muruga temple ? I rechecked twice to confirm that. How could a southindian make that mistake :(

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