Friday, March 05, 2010

Conscious Breathing

I have been reading "Many Voices" by Elieen J. Garrett. Elineen was a really developed and accurate "sensitive". The most remarkable thing about her however was that she wanted to scientifically study her ability and was ever looking forward to ways her psychic abilities could be tested and measured. Below I quote some interesting parts from the book.

"When we breathe deeply, for the sake of breathing into our inner self, we will become assured of the self as an individual form moving in freedom within an ocean of observation. It is the simple unification of the self with this external ocean of life which frees one to receive and perceive.
I am often asked from whence comes my energy. It comes on the breath - the conscious use of breath. "

One pushes away the burned-out experience of every breath with the next one. In this way, the past does not crowd upon us. We have shaped and ordered it as a temporary screen than cannot mask us from the route we have to travel when sleep overtakes us.

Thus no matter how abstract an idea maybe, if we take it in our conscious breath and relate it to ourselves it will be accepted and broken into symbol and imagery, to be "arranged" and coordinated through our senses "

Conscious breath seems to be the key here ...