Monday, June 12, 2006

A bug in the shower

Karuna is an ancient word that could approximately mean compassion. Most Indians would know the word, but then it also means something slightly different in different vernaculars so the meanings of our vernacular languages might be different from the original word. I think it means compassion and love and causeless mercy.

Yesterday there was a bug in the shower. It was a creepy and weird looking bug. Tiny hairy bug, real gross. When I turned on the shower, it wriggled out of the water's way and moved to a safe area in the side of the tub. But then there was more water and it looked like the bug might drown. He started panicking and wriggled hard to move away. One time he slipped and fell back in the water. I really got freaked out and shut off the shower and waited for the bug to go. But the bug was stupid. He thought the danger was done and was just lying in the shower right in the water's way. So here I was with shampoo in my hair ( a little on the way to my eyes) waiting for the stupid bug to get out.
Did I feel compassion for the bug ? A little, at least initially. But I had to get out of there sometime .... After a while I turned on the shower still a little freaked out watching if the bug would drown. There was also an element of disgust here; I dint want any creepy bug on me! Finally, I just sort of showered, and got out of there.
While I waiting for the bug to move, I was thinking of Jains. How they dont wear shoes so that they dont accidentally kill many creatures and how they cover their mouth's with cloth for similar reasons.
Vegetarianism is a kind of compassion, but then there is always this argument that even plants have feeling ( here they quote JC Bose and his experiments, may his soul rest in peace! .. it's tiring how all human minds think alike ...). Is killing a plant more compassionate than killing an animal ? Is killing an animal more compassionate than say killing a person ? And how much personal suffering will we go through to be compassionate.
Civilization is full of examples of compassionate people .. our very own Mother Teresa, compassion personified ... but in my own life how much compassion do I show ? Causeless, selfless compassion. Like the kind they teach us in primary school. In moral science class. Compassion to strangers. As an offering to God. A way to say I love you! And want to be like you :)

P.S. Guys .. please dont post comments like keep ur shower clean etc. Please .. please :)


Naren said...

hmm interesting experiments! I have heard of one grass hopper .. oops I mean Grace Hopper, apparently she was the first one find a bug in computer not shower though:)

Did you finally debug your shower?

Anagha Mudigonda said...

hmm .... guys guys guys ... u guys will never change :)