Friday, March 23, 2007

Shame on the Indian Cricket Team

Indians can never be systematic. Poor fitness levels, laziness, erratic performance and total unpredictability.
Either there is a miracle and one (or 2) guys win the match for the team or they loose. It has never happened that everyone systematically does his bit.

Not just in Cricket. In everything I guess ..
I either work 15 - 16 hrs for 3 or 4 days and finish my work or do not work at all. Never have I consistently worked for 6- 8 hrs for even a week :(

Shame shame shame. A totally indisciplined people ...


Naren said...

Not only Indian cricket team plays badly, they are awful off the field when they are seen in those ad compaigns trying to make quick bucks..

Don't compare yourself with cricket team. Like every creative person in this planet, you too thrive on indiscipline. But I see some consistency. Should I say there is some discipline in your indiscipline. look who is it;)

Anonymous said...

This is interesting. Whenever I share what I see as a short-coming, it at first seems to become even more manifest and then seems to recede and eventually disappear - if that's what I want!

I think what is called for here is observation, not judgement. For to judge is to attach blame, to attach blame is to disintegrate.

It is truly OK to be not OK is an attitude that is needed if ever one is to transcend unwanted habits and conditions and become truly integrated? Or not! For am I not using judgement in this response!? :-)

Anagha Mudigonda said...

Well to not judge ..
Quality of cricket is gone down so badly that when players get duck out we can no longer guess if it's just a bad day or they've made a ton of money doing it.
And Indian cricket is so erratic that one time they go to the finals and the next time dont even qualify :(

Anonymous said...

I suppose I was looking past the cricket here at the function of judging. :-)

I could say that laziness is a "sin" but that would be a judgement.

I could try a statement and see if it would work...

If the players are so absorbed in the money, they're goal of becoming good players can be superseded because they've already "won their game" by becoming wealthy. That's what the whole world seems to be about in this day and age.

I can't exclude myself from all this because I would not give up all the assets I have worked for all my life - so who am I to judge?

Ah, but the cricket team are not being asked to do this, but to take pride in their careers and give it 100%. Then of course, there may crop up the problem of obsession!

I once practised ki-aikido, a martial art that used the practice of mindfulness. We competed with each other, yet it was more like an act of meditation that tested our concentration, than combat. Cricket could be played this way - the "journey", not the "destination" or more appropriately, the match, not the winning.

So have I judged here? :-)

Anagha Mudigonda said...

No wonder the Zen master's dont talk much !