Saturday, March 17, 2007

Importance to idleness

Idleness is useful, important and periods of utter inactivity are totally necessary in life. My most recent bout to total idleness (99.999% idle from the past 6 months) made me realize what I want from my existance.
Dont get pulled into this whirlpool of activity. Dwell in idleness with no planned activity, nothing at all to do ....
You will learn some important truth's about life and maybe get a glimpse of God.
I've been much at peace ...


Anonymous said...

How true! We have so much to do all the time running around in circles tail-chasing!

I was in hospital last year and there was a man two beds down from me who had had a cardiac arrest. Constantly the nurses were having to tell him to keep still and not move. And yet the next day he was pacing up and down wanting to get back to his work!

I had had a blood clot get stuck in my heart (thrombosis) in spite of my meditation and diet (a surprise to me too!) - yet it was a lesson. I had been like it for 6 hours and due to my meditation, did not suffer any real damage. I was asking everybody why it should have happened.

"Genetics" my doctor's said (my father had a massive heart attack at the same age). But then I realised the answer why was... because it happened.

I then remained idle for several months and with clot-busting drugs have found even greater fitness and have learned more about the unreasonableness of spiritual development. :-)

Naren said...

Very true. I want to quote Aldous Huxley here "They intoxicate themselves with work so they won't see how they really are"

Avadooth said...

i agree for all reasons of logic and beyond logic.