Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Path to salvation is a razors edge

The Path to salvation is a razors edge - So says the Katha Upanishad.
Somerset Maugham's razors edge tries to make a story around this. I remember reading this as a kid; and I remember being really impressed by it !
I saw the movie just now and I must say that while it was an interesting movie it had nothing to do with the Katha Upanishad or salvation or even a razor's edge ( literally or figuratively)
I guess this is what happens when someone tries to write about something they have no clue about !
Alas the job of salvation is not a rosy one filled with adventure and drama. Sometimes it's long and tedious and needs tremendous patience. Like the job of a scientist, sifting through a bunch of data ....
Or so I assume ...
But it is like a razor's edge. It's so easy to go off track and wander for eons !

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Avadooth said...

the "path".

hi anagha,
Is it really a "path" in the first place.