Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Resolutions .....

Sometimes when things are going good vacation, new year's resolutions, party's all look like a big colossal waste of time ..
At other times when you've been slacking off for a while and have nothing to show, New Year is a good time to make some resolutions ..
Even if you are not going to follow all of them, it's good to make some ... They remain somewhere at the back of your mind and keep reminding you of the "miles to go before you sleep " !
My new year resolutions
1. To become more disciplined - Either you control the mind or it controls you ...
2. Spend more time in solitude - The only single unchangeable goal of any human is to find God. You may word it differently or define God differently but this is only true quest, the final quest that puts an end to all other quests ..
3. Loose weight - It's like in Miss Congeniality where all the beauty pageant participants keep wishing for "world peace ". Sandra Bullock's has to add "world peace" at the end of her speech coz though it's almost impossible it sounds good on paper.


punchagan said...

Loosing weight loses weight in the *light* of "the only single unchangeable goal of any human"

welcome back! once again.. ;)

Anagha Mudigonda said...

easy for you to say when you are as skinny as a bean pole :P